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Are you tired of hearing the same old speech from a business speaker who don’t address the root causes of your challenges?

Everyone’s got a secret formula to 10x your business or get a million social followers. But does this really bring happiness?

At Get Out of Your Own Way, we believe that true motivation comes from a deep understanding of yourself and your purpose. 

For motivational business speakers that will help reveal truths about themselves that your audience will never unsee, reach us today!

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Why invest in Entrepreneurial motivational speakers?

In the ever-evolving and often volatile current marketplace, investing in motivational speakers for your business and team is more critical than ever. Here’s why:

Strengthen Company Culture
Entrepreneurial motivational speakers can help cultivate an environment that values collaboration, adaptability, and continuous learning, all essential elements for navigating change successfully.
Boost Retention
In times of uncertainty, employee retention can become a challenge. Motivational speakers inspire loyalty and a sense of belonging, making employees feel valued and integral to the company's future.
Enhance Productivity
Fear and uncertainty can be paralyzing, severely affecting productivity. A motivational speaker can combat this by reigniting your team's passion and motivation, turning fear into fuel for creativity and innovation.
Encourage Adaptability
Experienced business motivational speakers can help cultivate a mindset that views change as an opportunity rather than a threat, enabling your team to pivot quickly and effectively in response to new challenges.

“The Best Business Keynote Speaker We’ve Ever Had!”

These workshops were a great investment for our team. They were engaged throughout, given tools to help them, and enrollment in our 401K program grew 40% the days after the first workshop. They finally saw the benefit of investing in their future. You should absolutely do this!

Jason Pappas 
CEO – Rocket Docs

Investing in these workshops for my team keeps my employees growing, which makes me feel like I’m living out my business core values, and has helped double our revenue this year because everyone seems aligned. It’s also helped us feel and operate as a stronger team, so I would say this investment is one I’d HIGHLY recommend to other business owners!

Steve Chu 
Founder and CEO – Ekiben

We don’t do a lot of team stuff with our virtual employees anymore so this was a way to get everybody involved. It was great to keep everybody involved and maintain our company culture. We've heard from several people how much they enjoyed the workshops, and I can definitely sense a boost in our team morale and engagement since.

Hope Ottovani
Director – ATG Title

About Aaron Velky

Aaron is a keynote speaker, coach, founder and CEO. His career has been dedicated to building movements, companies and leaders. He’s worked with thousands to provide tools to build a clear direction in their lives – more income, more freedom and more purpose. He leads retreats and leadership training for hundreds across the US, creating change for other emerging leaders and companies like Microsoft, UKG and more.

His early movement, Money Club, is an economic empowerment and financial wellness organization that blends personal finance with professional development, helping thousands with their financial growth. And he’s the author of Let Her Play, a guide for sports coaches and parents that coach female athletes. Outside of the professional sphere, Aaron is a dad, a comic book nerd and adrenaline junky.

Why Work With A Motivational Speaker

Energize your team - Bring a motivational Business speaker to your organization

In today’s high-pressure business world, a motivated team is your secret weapon. A top-tier motivational speaker doesn’t just provide inspiration; they spark transformative change and propel your business to new heights. Here’s why you should hire one of the top business speakers.

Ignite Passion

Motivational business keynote speakers rekindle the fire in your team, driving them to embrace their roles with renewed passion and dedication.

Boost Morale

A powerful speech can lift spirits, fostering a positive work environment that improves employee satisfaction and productivity.

Promote Growth

Speakers provide new perspectives and valuable insights, encouraging personal, team building, and professional growth.

Enhance Teamwork

By inspiring trust and collaboration, a motivational speech can strengthen your team’s bonds and improve overall performance.

Align Your Goals & Vision

Everyone will be working towards the same objectives, streamlining efforts and ensuring a shared sense of purpose.

Drive Change

A motivational keynote speaker can be the catalyst your team needs to embrace change, adapt, and strive for success.

Motivational Keynote Speaker Topics Include

Invest in your team’s future. Energize, inspire, and propel your business forward with experienced, engaging, entrepreneurial motivational speakers today!


By fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture, you will drive employee engagement and loyalty, leading to increased productivity and profitability


By nurturing a growth mindset within your team, you can foster innovation and resilience, helping your business adapt to change and seize new opportunities


By strengthening leadership skills, you can guide your teams more effectively towards shared goals, enhancing overall organizational performance and success


By promoting collaboration, you can facilitate better communication, build stronger relationships, and increase the effectiveness of problem-solving, leading to improved outcomes and business growth

propel your business forward with an Inspiring Keynote speaker!

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Frequently Answered Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Our business keynote speakers deliver inspiring talks about their leadership journey, the challenges they’ve faced, and how they overcame them. These insights are geared toward helping participants enhance their leadership skills and adopt effective strategies in their own business environments.

Listening to business speakers provides a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspectives. These experienced individuals have often faced similar challenges and can offer practical solutions and strategies. This can inspire attendees to think outside the box and bring about transformative changes in their organizations.

Our business speakers also share their personal experiences, successes, and failures in the business world. By sharing their journey, they inspire business leaders to believe in their capabilities and remind them that every challenge is an opportunity for growth.

From these sessions with our keynote speakers, you can expect to gain insights on effective business strategies, ranging from strategic planning, team management, to innovation in business practices. These insights are derived from real-world experiences and are invaluable in navigating the corporate world.

Absolutely! Business leaders find these sessions extremely beneficial. Listening to the experiences of successful business speakers often provides the motivation and inspiration needed to implement effective change and drive success in their own organizations.

Whatever kind of business leader you are, whether you’re a chief revenue officer, founding your own startup, a founder or CEO, an award-winning entrepreneur, or running your own special operations, there’s always something to learn when you absorb the experiences and insights of others.

While a keynote speaker and a business advisor may both provide valuable insights, they play different roles. A business advisor is typically a professional who works closely with a business over a longer period, providing advice and guidance on a range of issues, from strategic planning to managing business disruption.

They often work directly with top business leaders to help steer the company’s direction. On the other hand, a keynote speaker usually delivers a one-off talk or presentation, sharing their experiences, expertise, and insights to inspire and motivate an audience.

While they may discuss business disruption and other topics, their role is not to provide ongoing advice, but rather to spark ideas, encourage new ways of thinking, and ignite change.

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